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Bridging Gaps Between Capital and Impact

Our Mission

The road to being a social entrepreneur can be arduous and uncertain. Social Impact Bank seeks to provide capital alternatives to alumni of social accelerators and incubators who demonstrate resilient management teams and or strong business fundamentals. Our hypothesis: Leveraging underutilized capital to meet short-term working capital needs has the potential to offer tremendous value to the ecosystem.


Our Anticipated Impact

Social Impact Bank seeks to incentivize socially conscious investors to reallocate a portion of their fixed income portfolio towards various UN SDGs based on their sector and Geography preferences. To this end, we anticipate that we can bring an additional 20M of new capital to the impact investing sector in the form of working capital to social enterprises in Year One. There are many talented women professionals in the development sector who are keen to learn the transactional skills of impact investing. Social Impact Bank will plan to leverage the skills of these independent finance and social sector professionals for third-party due diligence on working capital loans.



20 Million Dollars - TARGET YEAR 1

Create an alternative fixed income product that offers working capital to social enterprises. Provide much needed bridge capital to social enterprises to enable them to access next stage capital.




Social Impact Bank’s Platform-as-a-Service offers a SDG dashboard that offers new investors a way to learn about the various financial products available in the impact investing sector across asset classes.




Connect geographically distributed talent on impact investing deals to leverage relevant skills while providing hands-on transaction experience.


Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition lies in providing an information sharing network across SDG investors which facilitates a better understanding of how private capital flows can be strategically enhanced, including by crowdfunding. We seek to provide value to socially conscious investors in low-interest environments by connecting them to viable social businesses in countries all around the world. Our choice to connect supply and demand through blockchain and the token economy implies that we can foster a tradable asset in the near future bringing liquidity to impact investing and drawing in capital from the sidelines.



Currently impact investors don’t have a quick and easy way to understand how fellow actors are investing across the private sector and in alignment with the various SDG goals. Our platform allows you to maintain a dashboard without any investment return information which offers insight into investment focii to foster collaboration and learning. Our hypothesis: Creating an online social investing profile will foster friendly competition.


Founders of social enterprises spend significant amounts of time fundraising while trying to solve difficult entrenched problems. Allowing social founders to display their credit rating from the Social Impact Bank offers them ecosystem recognition to attract next stage capital. Our hypothesis: We can offer a path to generating a credit history to support follow-on funding.


Investors new to the impact investing and ESG space are unaware of the range of financial products available to them across the risk return continuum. Agnostic to who your broker is, this platform allows new investors to keep up with the latest set of financial products available to a range of investors. Our hypothesis: investor education can and will enable capital mobilization.


Social enterprises, often with a track record of paying customers, struggle to receive debt financing which is not backed by collateral. Often, they are perceived as riskier because of the constituents they serve constraining their growth. Our hypothesis: There is still a huge market of viable social businesses who need access to more affordable working capital.



“None of these actors, traditional or new, can achieve truly inclusive economic systems on their own. Success will demand collaboration, often among uneasy bedfellows. It cannot be business as usual.”

Dr. Brigit Helms, DAI Vice-President of Technical Services / Read Full Article



Get Involved

Our team is made up of do-ers who believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration to solve the most difficult challenges of our time. As the famous African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” we understand that we cannot be a great company without the partnership of our peers that we admire in the sector. We look forward to hearing from you and to finding a way to walk together!


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CAREER opportunities

Want to work for an innovative social enterprise working on cutting-edge fintech solutions for financial inclusion for small medium enterprises?


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